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Designed by: Claudio Bellini
for De Sede

The DS-717 is the unequivocal expression of simplicity of form, and unsurpassed functionality melded smoothly in design. In addition to the chair (with or without armrests), the same series also includes a barstool and lounge chair. All the chairs follow the same idea from Claudio Bellini, based on his understanding of what the precision mechanics of seating demands of design are: the ultimate in comfort! The seat shells of the chairs are unalloyed ergonomic perfection! In the DS-717, seating becomes an act of sensuousness linked with unparalleled comfort. But seating can only be truly good when, in addition to aspects such as technology, material, ergonomics and tactility; it also explores human momentum and incorporates this as well. The work of Claudio Bellini does so in a manner that is unequalled today, thanks to his conviction that design in the final analysis serves but one purpose: to provide matchless quality and to do so without compromise!

Dimensions Available:
Without Arms:
54cm W x 58cm D x 80cm H
54cm W x 59cm D x 88cm H
74cm W x 65cm D x 68cm H
74cm W x 71cm D x 75cm H
74cm W x 67cm D x 76cm H

With Arms:
54cm W x 58cm D x 80cm H
54cm W x 59cm D x 88cm H
75cm W x 65cm D x 68cm H
75cm W x 71cm D x 75cm H
76cm W x 67cm D x 76cm H

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