We are excited to announce the merger of Valcucine Chicago and Mobili Mobel.
The combined business is now located at 300 W Superior St.

Joachim Nees

Actually, he wanted to become an engineer and was interested in, for example, building bridges. But after receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Darmstadt, the native Aschaffenburger Joachim Nees visited an exhibition for industry design. The subject matter and exhibition made a strong impression and led to a change in his field of studies. He enrolled himself in the degree program for industry design and successfully finished his studies with his master’s degree. What interests Joachim Nees in form design? He places importance on quality – in the design as well as in the materials. „It is an absolute pleasure, when an extraordinary function such as an aha-effect, complements a piece of furniture“, says Joachim Nees. After his studies, Joachim Nees internalized the much acclaimed quotation „form follows function“ – and continues to live by this credo today. He does not want to over-design, but instead realize the needs of the person when designing furniture. In doing so, he approaches ideas openly and without any inhibitions – and his curiosity helps too. Joachim Nees always focuses on the needs of the end user; and it is this focus which is the center of his creativity – therefore, man is the standard, not just the ergonomic.

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