We are excited to announce the merger of Valcucine Chicago and Mobili Mobel.
The combined business is now located at 300 W Superior St.

Jesper K. Thomsen & Sanne L. Traberg

A collaboration between two Danish designers, Jesper K. Thomsen and Sanne Lund Traberg. Jesper K. Thomsen has a degree as building engineer and a Design education from The Danish Design School in Copenhagen. He founded his studio in year 2000. Jesper K. Thomsen ApS is a design and development company that aim to make design with justification, meaning and solutions we need. Jesper K. Thomsen explains: "The whole fast growing business of living products and gifts is a symptom of our time. A symptom of a world of excess. Therefore the fundamental idea of Mater is design products with a sustainable, respectful and healthy background is not just refreshing but downright dead important. Caring all the way trough the production for both workers and the environment is the right way to do things and an inspiration in itself. Besides that, Mater as a company has an energy that really gets under your skin. So I am pleased to be able to work with them and contributing to their collection. It gives me the opportunity to create exclusive design with a clean conscience"

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