We are excited to announce the merger of Valcucine Chicago and Mobili Mobel.
The combined business is now located at 300 W Superior St.

Jacob Strobel

Before joining TEAM 7 as a designer in 2007, he spent time working at his uncle‘s highly regarded carpentry business, where he learnt the trade and developed a profound knowledge of furniture making. Driven by a desire to perfect customised designs and to make the final product available to the masses through serial production, he proceeded to study wood design at the Schneeberg Faculty of Applied Art, where the main focus of his course was product and artistic design. By working at various design companies, including Christian Haas Design, and by spending time in Scotland, the birthplace of the arts and crafts movement, Strobel was able to gain experience of working with materials such as glass, porcelain and metal. Since 2008 Jacob Strobel has been leading the way as head of the TEAM 7 design team. Strobel combines would-be opposites such as design & ecology, craftsmanship & industry and tradition & innovation to create living spaces which promote a natural lifestyle that takes us back to basics without denying the advanced technological status of the society we live in.

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