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DS-165 - Image 1
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for De Sede

Hugo de Ruiter envisioned an un-ending play of possible additions and variations when he put his concept for the DS-165 down on paper. The result is a new design for contemporary society in its ever-growing quest for the structures of security in the midst of the break neck change of information technology. The adjustable backrests enable new seating positions to be achieved at will. Thanks to the arrangement of rectangular seating elements, the sofa can develop to fit every living area. You can turn through 360 degrees on the DS-165 with the armrests following on smoothly as required. It heralds in a rediscovery of the pleasure of adapting life to one's prevailing mood. The DS-165 represents an optimistic start into the 21st century and is predestined to become a future favorite.

Various sizes and configurations available. Please inquire within for additional information.

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