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Nox wardrobe

Designed by: Jacob Strobel
by Team 7
in Wardrobe - indoor

Nox wardrobe by Team 7

A big sliding door made of natural wood, which impresses with its high material strength, is at the center of the Nox cabinet. Despite its size it can be smoothly moved in both directions and comes softly to rest in the center. The middle sliding door in wild oak and wild walnut are especially powerful, for they amplify the contrast between the elegant side coloured glass doors still more. An optional, power-saving LED illumination lights the interior of the Nox cabinet and reveals its functional details.

Genuine wood, refined exclusively with natural oil, and metal-free beds promote a healthy sleep environment – so that you wake up well-rested day after day. Perfectly coordinated occasional furniture and cabinets with practical functions bring a smile to your face – no matter which foot you got out of bed with.


- front solid wood, back colored glass
- wood grain: vertical
- types of wood: alder, beech, oak, cherry, walnut, oak white oil
- handle" sliding door handle

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