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Atelier Desk - Lifestyle
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Atelier Desk

Designed by: Kai Stania
by Team 7
in Office Tables - indoor

The Atelier desk by Team 7 sweetens your home office time with its lovely design and the beauty of living solid wood. There’s no need to hide it away in a little study – its outstanding design also makes it the stunning centrepiece of any living room.
Its practical details make your work as comfortable as possible: height-adjustable, the atelier desk adjusts to your size. The inevitable cables conveniently disappear in the cable outlet of the table top and integrated cable trunking.


- cable outlet material: without, left, right, or on both sides
- types of wood: alder, beech, cherry, walnut, oak white oil

W - D - H (inches)

47.2 x 31.4
55 x 31.4
63 x 31.4
70.8 x 31.4
78.7 x 31.4

height adjustable from 26.7 - 31.8

To learn more or purchase this item:

or call for more information: 312.337.3444

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