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Nox Bed - Image 1
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Nox Bed

Designed by: Jacob Strobel
for Team 7
in Beds

The 3.9 cm thick natural wood bed sides with their S-shaped edge are characteristic of the nox bed. At the corners, the visible wood connections linking the bed sides combine to form an elegant S-line. Recessed foot panels let the nox bed appear to float. The bed's cleverly crafted, metal-free connections are exceedingly robust and easy to dismantle when moving to a new home. The nox headboard is available in two version in natural wood or upholstered with leather. The elegant lines of the bed sides are continued in the headboard. The leather nox headboard can be used as a neck rest or backrest, as required, be it for relaxing and reading or sitting upright.

Available in 8 different solid European Hardwoods in American Queen or King sizes. Please inquire within for additional information.

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or call for more information: 312.337.3444

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