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DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 1
DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 1
DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 2
DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 3
DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 4
DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 5
DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 6
DS-904 sofa sectional  - Image 7

DS-904 sofa sectional

Designed by: Maniatis Kirn Design
by de Sede
in Sofa + Lounge - indoor

It's as if this sofa were made to raise you up from the everyday routine and immerse you gently into a world of your own. Externally, the DS-904 by the designer team of Braun Maniatis Kirn is restrained: a generously-dimensioned sofa with peerless seating comfort and a harmonious balance of seat surface, back and armrests. Perched lightly atop runners in the finest stainless steel, it seems almost to hover as it blends seamlessly with the flowing interfaces of contemporary living. Within, however, the DS-904 has plenty in store: a couple of simple manipulations pivot the seat surface through 90 degrees, while both back and armrests can be independently twisted or swivelled to create a variety of new positions for relaxing at ease. Whether it's to read or to lounge, to snuggle up with a loved one or to have an animated chat with guests, the DS-904 is a sofa that makes the best of every situation. Individual components can be combined to create extensive seating groups as easily as intimate sofas for two. Loose cushions form the ideal accompaniment however the sofa is used, while its elegant details are evidence of an unswerving devotion to quality and underline the sofa's impeccable seating style.

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