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RB Plura

Designed by: Norbert Beck
for Rolf Benz

Rolf Benz Plura sofa gives you all the possibilities - whether it be upright seating, laid-back relaxing, or comfortable snoozing - this multifunctional sofa can adapt to your favorite position in just a few moves. The folding side part, the swiveling seat, and the simple backwards and upwards-adjustable back are what makes this versatility possible. Fold the back upwards, and Plura transforms into a high backed armchair. Fold the side part down and swivel the seat, and Plura becomes a comfortable lounge chair.

Available in more than 230 fabrics and 80 leathers.

Various sectional components and configurations available. Please inquire within for additional information.

To learn more or purchase this item:

or call for more information: 312.337.3444

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