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Poppy suspension lamp - Lifestyle
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Poppy suspension lamp

by LZF Light & Nature
in Suspension lighting -indoor

Poppy designed by Burkhard Dammer for LZF

Kin to the Pod pendant, the slightly squat and spherical Poppy lamp is made up of a repeated series of wood veneer strips. Different from the Pod, a larger gap between each strip on the Poppy emits light with a greater luminosity, its mature form sparkling in full bloom. Designed by Burkhard Dämmer, the Poppy pendant is available in small and medium sizes.

Compared to the Pod pendant, Poppy is like the mature older sibling, with a fully developed form that lends weight to its mellow disposition. Both the Poppy and Pod lamps work well in unison, able to form impressive cloud-like clusters.

Available in 12 wood veneer finishes.

W - D - H (inches)

Poppy small
Ø 24.8 x 17 H

Poppy medium
Ø 28.7 x 23.6 H

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