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Bonnet wall sconce - Image 1
Bonnet wall sconce - Image 1
Bonnet wall sconce - Image 2

Bonnet wall sconce

Designed by: Odo Fioravanti
by FontanaArte
in Wall lighting - indoor

With its elegant sinuous shape, Bonnet is the new LED lamp that reworks the concept of indirect lighting.The top part conceals a small yet very powerful LED source whose ray of light is mainly directly upwards onto the wall andceiling. The designer also wanted to play with the parasite light that is normally lost, recuperating it with a lens and directingit downwards. In this way, Bonnet not only lights itself up but also produces a downwards
glow.The materials and technologies used are some of the most advanced on today’s lighting market and include die-cast aluminiumalloys with a low silicon content that enable any kind of surface finish, clear technopolymers with very high refractive indexesand new-gen electronic light management technologies.

12" L x W x 5.6" H

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