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Designed by: Cuno Frommherz
for Leolux
in Benches - indoor

You’ll know them from cosy restaurants and rustic kitchens: dining areas where part of the family ends up eating on the bench. Comfortable and cosy. But perhaps not completely the ambience you had in mind.

For Leolux, designer Cuno Frommherz has created a contemporary version of the traditional dining room bench: light and transparent, with a comfortable and active seat. You can style Didore exactly the way you want it. The eye-catching upholstery on the back, with the quirky upholstery on the top half, invites you to make frivolous combinations of upholstery materials and colours. Then you can match the frame to it with subtle combinations or lots of colors.


Did ore is available as a dining room bench with a 55" or 67" seating width.
The design of the Ditte dining chairs matches perfectly with the Didore bench.
The upholstery of the seat and the top of the back can be chosen separately.
The Base is made of satin chrome or can be lacquered in any of the Leolux epoxy and lacquer colors.


Length 55"
57.5" L x 22.8" D x 33" H
Seat width 55"
Seat depth 16.1"
Seat height 18.8"

Length 66.9"
69.2" L x 22.8" D x 33" H
Seat width 66.9
Seat depth 16.1"
Seat height 18.8"

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