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Gaulino - Image 1
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Designed by: Oscar Tusquets Blanca
for BD Barcelona Design
in Dining Tables - indoor

Old rock fans never die and Oscar Tusquets loves to demonstrate this. This architect, artist —the drawing of the dama molliniana shows it— and writer, has designed nearly everything during his long career —his work has its own encyclopaedia, compiled by Juli Capella and published by Electa— and in particular many chairs, some of them much admired, but possibly none so beautiful as Gaulino. In this piece —says Tusquets— some critic detected his well-known admiration for Salvador Dalí but, when he saw it finished, it seemed to him that the clearest influences came from Antoni Gaudí and Carlo Mollino. This is why it is called Gaulino. He designed it in 1987 and since then it has become a point of reference in Spanish design. “I learned and enjoyed it very much and I consider it one of my best works. Although its appearance is totally artisanal, it was my first really industrial project in wood; that was when I realised what machines could do.” Nearly a quarter of a century later, BD is re-launching it, improved, accompanied by a new table design and with the knowledge of having a unique and unrepeatable chair which has a great story to tell. With it BD has begun making a series of audiovisuals —BD STORIES— on their most iconic designs.

Structure in solid ash. Top in MDF with natural ash wood veneer. Finishings: varnished natural or stained oak or black. Edges and inferior part of the top always black.

Table 180 cm:
120x180xh. 74 cm.
Table 240 cm:
120x240xh. 74 cm.
Table 300 cm:
120x300xh. 74 cm.

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