DS-255 - Image 1


for De Sede
in Chaise/Recliners - indoor

Apart from the status symbol, the motor-car, it is the chair that is the one contemporary industrial product that has most pre-occupied designers throughout the ages. No other has been so closely examined, celebrated and frequently subjected to such searching criticism as this chair. The DS-255 is, we are almost tempted to say, a late homage to Vassily Kandinsky, the Russian-French painter and founder of absolute art. The DS-255 armchair can justifiably be labelled "avant-garde!" It differs from the mainstream, primarily in the fact that it enters more consciously and directly into a dialogue with its user. It communicates attitudes, ideas and values. And here lies the crux of it all and its power of persuasion. It also demonstrates how the Design Team pursues the pleasure principle with its interest in intelligent, constructive solutions using tubular steel. Sitting in the DS-255, you leave the tug of gravity behind you and break out.

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