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DS-615 Table - Lifestyle
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DS-615 Table

Designed by: Mario Ferrarini
by de Sede
in Dining Tables - indoor

DS-615 by Mario Ferrarini for de Sede

As leather experts, it is our great passion to experiment with leather as a material. With DS-615, we succeeded in achieving a major accolade as we were able to make the idea of bringing our leather to the table a reality.

The DS-615 table series, which was developed in collaboration with Mario Ferrarini, impresses with its tapered table legs made of high quality leather. DS-ARTISANO was used in this supporting role, a de Sede leather known for its strong, form-giving properties.
A closer look reveals four pieces of leather in the form of a taper joined with a hand-stitched strap seam. A concealed metal construction underneath serves as stable support.

Whether as an exclusive conference table or a tasteful table in a stylish dining room, DS-615 invites to discuss, laugh, converse, eat and meet.

W - D - H (inches)

coffee tables
/91A (24" Ø x 15" H)
/91B (32" Ø x 15" H)
/91C (40" Ø x 15" H)

/92A (48" Ø x 30" H)
/92B (56" Ø x 30"H)
/92C (48" L x 48" D x 30" H)
/92D (56" L x 56" D x 30" H)
/93A (63" Ø x 30" H)
/93B (71" Ø x 30" H)
/93C (63" L x 44" D x 30" H)
/93D (71" L x 48" D x 30" H)

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