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Designed by: Paolo Rizzatto
for Luceplan
in Table Lamps - indoor

Fortebraccio guarantees an extraordinary fluidity of movement and total light positioning freedom. Thanks to its innovative central joint, the lamp's two arms rotate independently, horizontally and vertically, allowing it to take on extreme and functional positions.The lamp's distinctive handle - which includes a dimmer or normal switch - is designed in such a way as to be easily held and manoeuvred. Fortebraccio comes with a universal mount, allowing it to be fitted directly on tables, walls and, thanks to its particular system of joints, on slanted surfaces.
The Fortebraccio LED consumes less than 8W, and guarantees an astounding level of light efficienty and a pleasant warm white colour temperature. A lens has been connected to the heat sink that can be used to adjust the light beam, from a minimum of 45 degrees to a maximum of 80 degrees.

Available in aluminium, glossy white or soft-touch black finishing.

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