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Filigno Living

Designed by: Team 7 design team
by Team 7
in Wall systems - indoor

The pleasure of wood in its slenderest form.
Filigno makes it possible to create elegant, flowing transitions between kitchen, dining and living areas. Central to this design are our passionate and consistent devotion to wood as a material, and the use of our innovative 12 mm three-layer board. Elegant solid wood panels form a sophisticated casing and create the delicate style which defines Filigno. A wafer-thin shadow gap between the top board and side panels cleverly breaks up the uniformity of the wooden casing, emphasising its precision craftsmanship. Like Cubus and Cubus Pure, Filigno allows impressive, almost unlimited versatility in planning. With refinement, elegance and modernity, Filigno offers a lot of leeway for various design styles, from simple and elegant to flexible and young.

The best stages are made of wood.
In addition to storage furniture with drawers, flap fronts and hinged or sliding doors, there is also wall shelving in L, C or U-shapes. Wall shelves provide a place to display books, home accessories or collector's items. The Filigno wall shelf can be hung on its own or be combined with additional shelves. If desired, LED lighting can be installed in the shadow gap on the wall shelving unit's rear panel. Atmospheric lighting turns the wall shelf into a display stage, transforming the your favourite objects into eye-catching features in your home.

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