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Cubus Wall Units

Designed by: Team 7 design team
by Team 7
in Wall systems - indoor

The combination possibilities of the body and shelf system make the Cubus living line a true playground for your own creativity. The fascinating variety of versions enables individual configurations, perfectly attuned to your needs and desires. Our noble solid woods ensure the natural beauty of our Cubus wall units; they are especially powerful in the Wild oak and Wild walnut categories. Lovingly built, they will make your living space comfortable and lend it a pleasant atmosphere. These units, combined with elegant colored glass surfaces, create an exquisitely rare visual appearance.

The versatile Cubus body system, combined with the Cubus shelf system, provides aesthetically-convincing and technically-imaginative solutions for any living situation and all everyday requirements. Naturally made to order.

Our Cubus wall units have many faces because there are also many preferences. But when it comes to your home, there is only one that matters: your own taste. That is why we produce our Cubus wall units for you in many heights, widths and depths along with various types of wood, even offering glass surfaces in the color of your choice from the NCS range.

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