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L1 kitchen

Designed by: Team 7 design team
by Team 7
in Kitchens

Kitchens by Team 7

The L1 originates from the Linee kitchen range: it has the same quality, the same appearance, and uses the same types of wood. Only the variety is different, limited to selected units and one handle. The price benefits that result from this make the L1 an attractive TEAM 7 entry-level kitchen – ideal for first-timers.

Still looking for more? No problem: The individual elements of L1 can be combined freely with cabinets from the comprehensive Linee range. Our flexible design elements also allow for additional planning possibilities. The fine, open solid wood bodies can be perfectly integrated in the kitchen and, with their rear walls of wood or coloured glass and dimmable LED lighting, provide the ideal stage for your favorite objects.

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