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LT 40 System - wall and medium units - Lifestyle
LT 40 System - wall and medium units - Image 1
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LT 40 System - wall and medium units

Designed by: David Lopez Quincoces
by Lema
in Wall systems - indoor

Versatile in its aesthetics and function

At the centre of Lema’s new ideas for 2019 is the LT40 daytime system designed by David Lopez Quincoces, the result of a long conceptual study and an attentive industrial development. A highly customizable articulated system of containers and wall elements designed in four possible configurations: freestanding, wall, suspended and The latter presented in matt lacquer and the W Line wooden version, with three-dimensional ribbed graphics obtained by a complex hand-worked process.

These four families, mixed freely together, characterize the architecture together with a series of additional elements which complete the LT40 design: double-faced containers, benches and elements designed to house multi-media apparatus; shelves and panelling with structural frames in aluminum, adjustable and designed for wall mounting; trays and tops in marble or stone; container boxes in wood or glass and built-in LED lamp systems.

The system is enhanced by the LT_FRAME containers, with a strong graphical and chromatic impact, in six predefined types of configuration. Six cornices in two-dimensional types enclose the “tesserae of a mosaic” made up of color, wood and transparencies, framed in a perfect equilibrium of rigorous, subtle forms. Designed for hanging on the wall and supplemented by a discreet LED light which emphasizes the internal perimeter.

The customization of LT40 is reflected also in the wide range of finishes available for all the elements of the system: wood, lacquered, glasses, clays, natural and reconstructed marbles. The structure is in Grey Velvet, an innovative ultra-matt material, velvety to the touch yet high-strength.

Finished full-height flanks complete the compositions and full-width tops which are 10mm thick. A “tailor-made dress” fitted perfectly and finished with its faces in thickness of 25 mm available in all the Lema finishes.

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