Designed by: Paolo Rizzatto
for Luceplan
in Suspension lighting -indoor

Incredibly light and easy to assemble, Hope represents the magic of traditional lamps, reinterpreting them with sophisticated technologies and contemporary materials.

A series of thin polycarbonate Fresnel lenses, created using imprinted microprisms on polycarbonate film to achieve a dioptric effect similar to glass (without any limitations in terms of space, thickness and weight), multiply the light from the light source, recreating a pleasant, glittery and party-like atmosphere, sprinkled with thousands of shards of light like the diamond which inspired the name: Hope. Hope- the fruit of a brilliant project and manufacturing process- has been designed for use with any type of light source: the latest generation of halogens and energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs.

Available Sizes (W/D/H):

24 x 24 x 19 in.
28 x 28 x 21 in.
43 x 43 x 26 in.
79 x 79 x 35.5 in.

61 x 61 x 49 cm.
72 x 72 x 54 cm.
110 x 110 x 66 cm.
200 x 200 x 90 cm.

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