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Rolf Benz 328 Sofa

Designed by: Zsuzsanna Horvath
by Rolf Benz
in Sofa + Lounge - indoor

There’s a lot to be said for taking a seat on the Rolf Benz 328 sofa. The superb seating comfort, for example, which you can personalise to your needs: simply choose the right seat height for you. Anyone who prefers to sit up a bit higher when reclining will find the back padding version that is 10 cm longer than the standard option exactly what they’re looking for. Rolf Benz 328, however, not only adapts to you and your guests, but thanks to the compact, two-piece combination, its pared-back language of form means it looks perfect even in smaller rooms. Its minimalistic beauty and clear aesthetics mean that it can be matched with virtually any interior design, either as a single sofa or sectional sofa. The elegant runner feet are available in traffic black, umbra grey or silver.

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