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Lens Circular Wall Lamp - Lifestyle
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Lens Circular Wall Lamp

Designed by: MUT Design
by LZF Light & Nature
in Wall lighting - indoor

Designed by MUT, Lens enjoys flowing lines with no hard edges. Its wood veneer shade surrounds an oval circumference of light, and in its centre is a clear void. The shade is connected to a slender metallic base that comes in four colours, gold, white, black or copper.
Available as a table, floor, and wall lamp, Lens has two shade types: circular and elliptic. The elliptic version has two sizes: an elongated ellipse and a truncated ellipse. The slim wall Lens, at a depth of just 10cm, sports an eye-catching mirror in place of the central void.
Free from interruption, Lens’s radiant light traces the air. Perfectly symmetrical and sleek, soothing and suave, Lens is one smooth luminaire.

W - D - H (inches)

Ø 9.6 x 1.8

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