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Florens Bedroom Containers - Lifestyle
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Florens Bedroom Containers

Designed by: Gabriele & Oscar Buratti
by Lema
in Bedroom Furniture

Florens is a floor container system comprised of drawers, night tables and seven drawer dressers, all with great capacity, that become part of the bedroom through their discreet charm. Rigorous geometric purity of essential and compact volumes, monoliths of material and colour marked by the shape of the grooved profile of the handle, at times lateral and at others central. The attention given to proportion, the slight differences in alignment between the parts and the material palette enhanced by the top in wood, matt or glossy lacquered, or natural stone, characterise a group of understated and elegant products, easy to combine with diverse styles of beds.

Florens is a bedroom system composed of containers with generous volumes. Identified by the graphic sigh that is inserted like a distinguishing exception in its monolithic shapes, it serves a function that is both aesthetic and functional.

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