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Sangaku Coffee Table  - Image 1
Sangaku Coffee Table  - Image 1
Sangaku Coffee Table  - Image 2
Sangaku Coffee Table  - Image 3
Sangaku Coffee Table  - Image 4
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Sangaku Coffee Table

Designed by: Elena Salmistraro
by Driade
in Coffee Tables - indoor

Sangaku is a fun game of intersections, rotations and dimensional changes. In Japanese culture, Sangaku are geometric problems engraved on wooden tablets, which in most cases illustrate problems involving circles and ellipses inscribed one inside the other. This gave rise to the idea of inscribing four different circles, two with a radius of 40 cm and two with a radius of 20 cm, within an imaginary circle of 50 cm, creating a new element governed by invisible but nevertheless perceptible geometric relationships. The points of intersection among the various elements become the legs supporting the four different tops, which skillfully fill and differentiate the space, creating a perfect mix of solids and voids.

Small table composed of four circular tops overlapping each other in the two diameters of 82 and 42 cm. The “geometrical” construction of the table is based on circles inscribed among them to obtain an overall size of 100x82 cm and a height of 41 cm. Circular structure supporting the tops in 20 mm diameter steel tube and vertical support elements in 12 mm diameter steel rod, all painted in polyester powder, blue, green, yellow and anthracite finishes. Steel plate tops with a diameter of 42 cm. to match the structure colours. Lower shelf made of 6mm. extra-clear glass with a diameter of 82 cm. decorated with digital printing in four different graphics to match the colours of the structure.Top in 3+3mm extra-clear layered glass, diameter 82 cm, digitally printed in grey gradient. Indoor use only.

W - D - H (inches)

39.4 x 32.3 x 16.1

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