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Grand Lui Chair - Lifestyle
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Grand Lui Chair

by Team 7
in Dining Chairs - indoor

A smoothly stretched exterior and distinctive, soft folds on the inside: Grand Lui has the same look as its little brother, the Lui chair. Ergonomically shaped armrests create an enclosing shell while still hinting at the original silhouette of the Lui chair. Combined with fully sculpted upholstery, they guarantee first class seating luxury - a comfortable dining chair, for long relaxed mealtimes at the table. Fans of the ingenious lui design have a choice. They can settle on either Grand Lui or Lui - or a combination of the two around the dining table.

Grand Lui can be made to suit your design preferences, depending on your taste and how the chair will be used - from the dining room to your home office - in fabric, classic or full-grain leather, in single color or two-color designs. The wire frame is made of cleverly formed metal, and gives Grand Lui a particularly light appearance. The elegant swivel base is organic in form, like the seat shell itself. A unique mechanism automatically returns the chair into its original position after the user gets up, providing special comfort and convenience. The meticulously crafted wooden version of the base is pure nature - in its most stylish form. Specially designed for the home office, everyone loves Grand Lui as an office swivel chair as well, with its 3D movement mechanism that enables active, back-friendly sitting.

The gentle folds of Grand Lui's cover look casual, but are the result of considerable technical skill, combined with detailed hand finishing. The trick is in the hand-crafted indentations, a technique from traditional upholstery work. The attractive folds begin in the seat shell and are carried right through the armrests, reminiscent of a friendly wink. grand lui really is a feel-good chair. Not just because it seems to smile or wink at you. This soft design also enhances the seating comfort.

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