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for De Sede
in Sofa + Lounge - indoor

The modular seating system boasts expressive, sculp-tured lines. Inspired by Nature, the absolute formal reduction of de Ruiter's furniture contrives magnificent snapshots of sensuous landscapes. The playful design of the DS 164, its escape from linear pattern, liberates the living environment from the shackles of the humdrum. As if it were a joyful metaphor for a classic cliche from the world of films: man and woman sitting together in a bathtub, face to face, letting those little tales of everyday events drift slowly by. The '85 Chateau Mouton Rothschild perfectly rounds off the picture of well-being. It is the warm feeling that ensnares us when we stretch out in the DS-164: in total all-embracing contentment. This de Ruiter sofa celebrates with us a veritable feast of the senses, which themselves are just that tad confused: nothing remains quite as it shall become!

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