We are excited to announce the merger of Valcucine Chicago and Mobili Mobel.
The combined business is now located at 300 W Superior St.



Nox bench

Arva Light Bench

Loft bench

Batllo bench

Calvet Bench

DS-5010 Bench Ottoman

Oly Bench & Pouf

Rolf Benz 620 bench

Sofa + Lounge

DS-102 Sofa

DS-164 sofa

DS-165 sofa sectional

DS-175 Sofa

DS-247 sofa sectional

DS-450 sofa

DS-600 sofa sectional

DS-1064 Sectional Sofa


DS-80 Day Bed

DS-255 Recliner

Kikko Chaise Lounge

Parabolica Chaise Lounge

FM-212 Smile recliner

FM-352 Filou recliner

FM-133 Gabo recliner

FM-131 Pavo recliner


DS-218 Stool

Arva, column swivel mount adjustable

Nobile 2078 Stool

Nobile 2079-II Stool

Nobile Core Leather Height Adjusting Stool

Glooh Stool

Texas Bar chair

Arva Stool Wire Skid Frame

Lounge Chairs

DS-51 Lounge Chair

Papageno Lounge Chair

Pallone Lounge Chair

Ghost chair

First Armchair & Pouf

Volare Lounge Chair

Hilco Armchair

FM-180 Pli chair

Office Chairs

DS-2100 chair

Feel Home-Office

Range S 32 / S 64 Chair

Range S 840 Chair

Range S 95 Chair

DS-1051 /112 Chair

DS-1051 /02 Chair

DS-1051 /51 Chair

Arm Chairs

DS-57 armchair

Scylla Lounge Chair

Dolcinea Armchair

DS-164 armchair

Forest Soft Armchair

DS-2620 SeNa armchair

Showtime 10 Armchair

DS-291 Armchair

Dining Chairs

RH-305 chair

DS-717 Chair

DS-718 Chair

Talos Chair

Magnum Stricktex Chair

Girado Chair

Eviva Chair

S1 chair

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